The Driving Licence and Your Eyesight

You must be in possession of a current valid driving licence, either a provisional or a full driving licence and you must produce this on your first lesson. You are required to be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres, using your glasses or contact lenses or none, if you don’t wear any. If you do not yet have a valid driving licence, you must apply for a provisional licence before lessons commence.

Fitness to drive

You must be fit to drive with regard to legal and medical requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit to drive on each of your lessons or test.

Sickness, tiredness, alcohol, illegal and prescribed drugs may affect your driving; any of these could put you and other road users in serious danger. Please note that some ‘over the counter’ drugs may affect levels of concentration; always read the instructions on the packet. If you are taking any drugs please check with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure they will not affect your driving.

If you have recently taken alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal) please inform me. In the interests of public safety, I reserve the right to cancel your driving lesson or refuse the use of the driving school car for the driving test if there is any suspicion of impairment because of illness, drugs or alcohol.

I reserve the right to cancel all training if you regularly cancel or rearrange.

I reserve the right to cancel/change a lesson if for reasons beyond my control such as adverse weather, extensive traffic, car breakdown or illness.

I reserve the right to terminate a training period/course if I consider you to be unsafe to drive through drink or drugs.

Driving tests take priority over lessons, therefore a lesson already booked may have to be changed if I receive a short notice test.

If you are delayed for the start of your lesson please inform me.

You must inform me of any disability or any motoring offences that exist before training.


Lesson payment is due at the beginning of each lesson, unless your lesson was prepaid. I accept payment in cash, cheque or PayPal (using PayPal, payment must be paid min 1hr prior to the lesson starting).

All prepaid lessons, block bookings are valid for 6 months from date of payment.


If you cancel a lesson with less than 24hrs notice/1hr lesson or 48hrs notice/2hr lesson I reserve the right to charge the full amount for the lesson.

Use of my vehicle

I am happy to provide you with my car to do your driving test, but only if I feel you are safe to do so. If, in my opinion, I feel that you are not yet ready to take your driving test, yet you insist that you shall do so, I reserve the right to decline your request to use my vehicle for your test.

Booking your Test

When you book your test, you cannot hold me responsible if things go wrong during the test process. It is your responsibility to manage your test appointment and to ensure that you arrive for your test with all the required documents.

Being on Time

When I arrive at your nominated pick up point to begin your lesson, if there is no reply from that address, I will wait about 10 minutes. If I cannot reach you and you do not turn up for your lesson in that time, you will still have to pay for it.